Concerning Xydous

A number of recent letters to the editor in the Link have made the incredible mistake of taking what Chritina Xydous said about our student union and its finances seriously. Surely, if these individuals knew about Xydou’s history with our union and knew how she has consistently deceived students, this mistake would not have occurred.

The notion that the CSU is engaging in “union busting” for sanctioning Xydous over her recent irresponsible actions is ridiculous. How can anyone seriously claim that Xydous releasing a press release claiming the CSU Executive has a “secret slush fund” when it clearly doesn’t (I made an appointment with the CSU’s VP-Finance to go over the unions finances, did you Christina?) is in any way serving the interests of CSU staff and CUPE 4512 members? Xydous’ claim that she was simply acting in her capacity as CUPE 4512 President is laughable. Her mandate as CUPE 4512 President doesn’t include making libelous comments about our student union. Such comments only serve to make our union look bad and hinder its ability to properly advocate on our behalf. Students should be advised to not buy into Xydous’ efforts to deceive them on this matter.

Gabe Elberg

Former CSU President criticized for coming to defence of Xydous

I wasn’t surprised to see Rob Green, a former CSU President, rushing to Christina Xydous’ side in last week’s Link. Xydous was a member of Green’s CSU Executive slate a few years ago and Green has been quick to opine on CSU matters recently, probably in order to relive the “glory days” of his CSU mandate.

From Green’s letter to the editor in last weeks Link, it seems that he’s learned a valuable lesson from the financial scandal that embroiled the CSU during his tenure as President.

He seems to have learned the wrong lesson though. Green has learned that you shouldn’t do things if they’re likely to attract bad press. Quite the lesson indeed.

So, as Green’s logic follows, Xydous should not have been suspended for her actions because the CSU should have foreseen that she would spread misinformation about her actions and subsequent suspension through a coordinated propaganda campaign which would result in bad press for the CSU.

Yes, we should all just keep our mouths shut as CSU staff make libelous statements about our unions finances. Let’s all blindly stand in “solidarity” with Christina, even though, as she admits her only loyalty lies with her duties as CUPE 4512 President (students asking for the loyalty of their own staff beware). So, lets all shut up, it’s about “solidarity,” nothing else matters.

Dave Goldberg

Concordia Journalists For Human Rights presents

Concordia Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) announced today that it will hold a free screening of Erica Pomerance’s documentary film Dabla! Excision on Monday, January 17.

The event is being held to create discussion and raise awareness about sensitive and hard-to-broach subjects like female genital mutilation (FGM). Filmmaker Erica Pomerance will attend the screening, introduce the film, and take part in a Q&A period after the film.

The screening takes place at 7 p.m. in room H-110 of Concordia University’s Henry F. Hall building, located at 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West. Everyone is welcomed to attend and entrance is free. A free-will donation will be collected at the door for tsunami victims.

ABOUT JOURNALISTS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS: Established in 2002, JHR is the only non-governmental organization dedicated to increasing human rights reporting in the African media. It informs the public about its rights and empowers the media to act as an effective watchdog and protect human rights.

Laura Lovasik
Media Relations Officer, Concordia JHR- Montreal
[email protected]


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