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by Archives March 23, 2005

As a JMSB student I’m extremely interested in the Concordia Student Union (CSU) elections that are currently underway. Out of the two main teams running, I only see Evolution as a viable choice. Not only are they continuing with the important Evolution tradition of having a JMSB student serve as VP-Finance of their team, they seem to be the only slate running that’s concerned about issues that are pertinent to business students. I also had the privilege of having Nadia Hissin (Evolution’s VP-Finance candidate) come to speak to my class and deliver an extremely well informed and JMSB relevant speech.

Not only is Evolution an experienced and qualified team that deserves and is qualified to represent Concordia students, they’re the only team with a real platform. Evolution is a diverse team with members coming from many difference faculties and backgrounds and, is in my opinion best suited to represent students. Evolution also has the support of many important student leaders, including Maria Perugini, the President of the Commerce & Administration Students’ Association (CASA).

Evolution is a team comprised of hard working, dedicated, talented, and fun loving students who have already been working for students and want to continue doing amazing things around campus. For JMSB student to be properly represented, it’s very important that they go out and vote on March 29th, 30th, or 31st. I hope all students take the time to learn about the different candidates running in the CSU election. I encourage everyone to get involved and vote for Evolution.

Gabe Elberg

Dear Editor,

As a John Molson School of Business student, I am greatly concerned with the thought of Conscious Concordia becoming the future CSU executive. Conscious Concordia doesn’t even have one member from the John Molson School of Business. Their VP-Finance is a student in the School of Community and Public and Affairs (SPCA) and doesn’t have the slightest ability to represent JMSB students. How can a non-JMSB student handle a $1.4 million budget of student funds?

Furthermore, Conscious Concordia hasn’t spoken about one issue that pertains to JMSB students and they seem to have no idea what issues and concerns JMSB students have. Evolution, meanwhile, has a JMSB student running for VP-Finance and has representation from all four faculties on their Executive and Council team combination. Evolution is a very diverse team made up of students that are already super involved in a number of different organizations and groups on campus.

Evolution has representation from Concordia’s student Faculty Associations, from the Concordia International Students Association (CISA), and from a number of student clubs. As a JMSB student, I strongly feel that Conscious Concordia does not represent my interests and I hope that in the upcoming CSU election, all Concordia students vote their conscious and choose Evolution to represent them.

Daniel Hasenfratz

This week all Concordia students have the important opportunity to elect their next Concordia Student Union (CSU). Over the past year I’ve worked closely with members of the Evolution team in my capacity as Vice President in the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA). I worked closely throughout the year with Mo and Steven and was very impressed with how dedicated and committed they were towards working for students (even though they received no type of compensation).Just from taking a look at Evolution’s platform and speaking to their members it seems clear to me that they’re the most experienced team and the team most capable of representing Concordia’s diverse student population. The people that make up Evolution are students that have already been working hard for students and fighting for their rights. They’ve demonstrated a tremendous amount of commitment and dedication towards a number of important issues such as accessible education, sustainability and creating a sense of community on campus. In particular, as an international student, I feel that Evolution is best suited to represent my interests, as two of their members are international students (including the Co-President of Concordia’s International Students Association) and they’ve demonstrated that they’re extremely concerned about important issues currently facing international students.

Regardless of who you decide to support in the current CSU election, I highly encourage you to vote next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and help ensure that next years CSU is truly representative of Concordia’s student population. I personally encourage all students to vote for Evolution to ensure that we’ll be properly represented next year and that our rights as students will be safeguarded.

Lucas Garcia-Baylleres
Political Science & Religion
Arts & Science Candidate for CSU Council

Over the past year the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) has experienced tremendous growth. ASFA is only three years old but is already contributing to student life on campus in an extremely significant way. This year, the CSU has gone out if its way to support all of ASFA’s events and initiatives and has taken a lead role in safeguarding the rights of arts and science students on campus.

At the end of the month, arts and science students will have the important opportunity of selecting their next CSU. As we’ve seen in the past, the CSU has the tremendous ability to effect student life on campus in either a positive or negative way. Over the last two years the CSU has played a vital role in making Concordia a more enjoyable place to spend time in for students and has helped move Concordia past its ugly history and created a sense of community on campus.

Evolution is an amazing team made up of talented and dedicated students that deserve your support. I’ve had the privilege of working with Mo and Steven (as fellow ASFA Vice Presidents) this past year and I’m glad that students have the opportunity to allow these two dedicated individuals to continue working for them.

I encourage all students to go out and vote on March 29th-30th-31st and support Evolution and I hope to see you at ASFA’s next event.

Lawrence Tsang
Candidate for Board of Governors

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