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Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
$70.95 –

If the idea of a mouse with a 500Hz refresh rate and a 2000 DPI resolution leaves you weak at the knees, chances are you’re a first-person shooter player. As a side-note, you should probably see a doctor about that.

The G5 has an adjustable weight system so gamers can add up to 36 grams of weight to balance the mouse. You can also configure up to 5 custom sensitivity levels that can be changed in-game via two buttons below the scroll-wheel. The G5’s comes with a braided eight-foot cord and huge Teflon feet to ensure it will travel smoothly across your desk. While not exactly pretty, each G5’s finish is made so that no two are exactly the same.

Etymotic 6i Isolator Earphones
$149.95 –

So you bought an iPod, but now every Tom, Dick and Harry has one. Time to one-up them with materialism and get the sound quality you’ve been missing.

Etymotic’s 6i earphones have low impedance and specially designed drivers to produce high-quality sound on portable devices. The earphones are in-canal so you can expect 30-35 dB of outside noise to be blocked out. Great if you’re listening to music in the subway, on a plane or any other loud environment. Just be careful crossing the street.

Don’t forget the most important feature: they match your iPod. Keep in mind that just like all other Mac-related equipment, these headphones work nowhere but Starbucks and require you order a double-mocha- soy-milk-frappuccino with two shakes of cinnamon.

The Art of Deception & The Art of Intrusion by Kevin D. Mitnick
$15.39 –
$16.71 –
No 1337 h4x0r should be without the works of Kevin Mitnick, the most famous hacker in the world. The Art of Deception focuses on hacking scenarios that rely heavily on social engineering (see manipulation) combined with tech savvy. The Art of Intrusion is a collection of true stories in the same vein. Some might be disappointed, though: the books are more like crime novels than how-tos.

Firefly – The Complete Series
$48.99 –

Take cowboys, add spaceships and give them laser guns: that’s Firefly in a nutshell. It’s almost good enough for us to forgive Joss Whedon for making Buffy and Angel. How did this get cancelled after one season?

Nerdy Shirts
US$9.99-17.99 –

If this picture made you think “but that’s only two types of people,” then this swag isn’t your bag. With these t-shirts you can flaunt your nerdiness and your non-geek friends will be none the wiser.that’s if you have any friends IRL. Other favourites include “No, I will not fix your computer” and “There’s no place like”

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