Concordia represents at Coms Games

For the first time in 10 years, the chant: “Con-Con-Concordia – il n’est pas la” was changed to: “Concordia est enfin la!” at the 10th annual Jeux Franco-Canadians de la Communication (Communications Games) this year. Concordia’s communication and journalism students joined seven other delegations at Laval University in Quebec City from March 8-10 to compete in games related to their field.

They received a warm welcome from the other universities. Having one of the best communications programs on this side of the country meant that Concordia’s absence from the only francophone intra-university games had been conspicuous.

It also meant that Concordia had no idea of what to expect at their first showing at the games, and earned the admiration of other universities with their demonstration of spirit, courage, and skill, at each of the 12 events. Kinia Adamczyk won second place for her oral presentation on the ethics of further research in fertility techniques that can potentially lead to cloning. Adamczyk, one of the team’s delegation heads, said at the gala awards luncheon that she didn’t count the win so much for herself, but was “hugely glad for the team.”

The other event where Concordia shined was video production, in which Catherine Gagne, Aude Leroux-L

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