Recreation complex nears completion

Keeping in shape will be that much easier for Concordia students, staff and faculty members, as construction of a new fitness and recreation centre at the Sir George Williams campus nears completion.

The new athletics complex, which will be open as of September 25th, is situated on the Metro level of the Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts building. To date, three studios have been completed, along with fully functioning locker rooms.

Katie Sheahn, Concordia’s Recreation and Athletics Director, explained that these facilities merely represent the initial part of the overall project. “Phase II should be completed by the end of November,” explained Sheahan.

This second and final portion of construction would see cardio machines, a free-weight room, office space, lounge areas, and additional locker rooms added to the complex.

The Athletics and Recreation Department will host an Open House Week at the new facility starting September 25, 2006, at which time classes will be free of charge. These classes will cover a wide range of activities including martial arts, dance, aerobics and fitness training.

In the past, the Victoria School gym was rented out as an athletics facility, however Concordia’s lease terminated there in June 2006.

“The Victoria Gym was a wonderful, vintage location that had a tremendous amount of heart and soul,” said Sheahan.

“But heart and soul alone can’t sustain the long haul necessarily without investment.”

Thus, the new complex is an invaluable resource to Concordia, as it will save many individuals both time and unnecessary travel. “This is an opportunity to be right in the core of the downtown campus. Location is very, very important,” Sheahan explained.

The recreation centre is open to students, staff, faculty members and alumni from both the downtown, and the Loyola campuses.

“Certainly, if there is a capacity to serve the community as well, that’s our intention,” Sheahan added.

Sheahan stressed the fact that recreation activities will also be available at the Loyola campus. The Loyola facilities, which include an arena, weight room, gymnasium and artificial playing fields, will remain the central location for Concordia’s Varsity sports and intramurals teams.

Nonetheless, Sheahan urged students and members of the Concordia community to visit the new complex, and see the progress with their own eyes. “It’s here. It’s now. It’s high quality space,” said Sheahan. “I think the students are just going to love it.”

Registration begins September 5, 2006. Athletics and Recreation Department representatives will be located at the EV building complex Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. to meet with interested individuals.


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