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Most of you have no doubt heard about the story of Terrell Owens and his attempted suicide turned accidental overdose on painkillers. This story made headlines throughout North America. The media, and people involved were very irresponsible.

Suicide is nothing to joke about, and definitely nothing to be slighted when it was reported that Owens attempted to take his life. Owens, in his daze, when questioned by the police answered that he was trying to harm himself. Let us forget for a second that Owens is famous. Would someone who was believed to have attempted to commit suicide, and had answered questions saying he was trying to harm himself, be released the next morning? No chance. Because Owens denied that he was trying to harm himself and was dazed when police were asking him questions, they allowed him to leave the hospital the next day. To make matters worse, he was allowed to play a few days later against the Tennessee Titans.

Owens’ publicist, Kim Etheredge, was also very irresponsible. She had several news conferences, but one of the things she said doesn’t make much sense. “Terrell has 25 million reasons why he should be alive,” she said, referring to the $25 million, three-year contract he signed in March with the Cowboys. This statement is wrong on so many levels. When did money become the only measure of or happiness? What does that say about the father of three who has a great job and a great family committing suicide? Did he not have enough money to want to live? Or, then, how would you explain the happiness of a couple in financial difficulty living on a very low income and in a bad neighbourhood but wake up every day because they are with the person they love.

I am in no position to say who is right in this situation, nor can I answer whether Owens really did attempt to kill himself, or if it was just an accidental overdose. However, something that hasn’t been mentioned is that if Owens is just covering it up (and that is a big if), why? Just because he has a lot of money or is in the public eye doesn’t mean that he can’t be depressed. He is under an exceptional amount of scrutiny, more so than most professional athletes, and he is human.

Owens had an interview with Deion Sanders on the NFL Network before the season started. Sanders is close with Owens and was one of the first reporters to break the story that reports of the suicide attempt were going to be denied by the wide receiver. He asked Owens how hard it was for him to deal with all of the naysayers throughout his career. I am not a psychologist by any means, but the news of an attempted suicide didn’t surprise me when I saw him answering the questions.

I am not saying Owens is lying when he denies overdosing on purpose, but the media, Etheredge and Owens himself should have been more responsible when dealing with the subjects of suicide and depression – two issues that, too many times, go unnoticed until it is too late.


The NHL is back

I hope that you enjoy the extensive coverage of the NHL in The Concordian this week. It took a lot of reading, research and dedication by our staff to bring you, the reader, everything you need to know about the upcoming season. You’ll get my assessment of every team, a detailed preview of the Montreal Canadiens, and many other things. Any comments and feedback should be sent to [email protected] . Trash talking is encouraged!


Random musings.

The Stingers football team is looking very good going into the stretch run of their season. They stand at 4-0 and have meetings against the McGill Redmen at Concordia on Saturday and at the Laval Rouge et Or next week..

Hockey season starting up isn’t exclusive to the NHL. Both Concordia teams got their seasons started with exhibition games last week and both teams will be in action in Montreal this week, so come cheer for your Stingers. Also don’t forget to support the soccer and rugby teams at Concordia, as well as the men’s basketball team who start their pre-season with the Nike Invitational this week…


Previewing the Stingers

Check in next week for full season previews of the men’s and women’s basketball teams. This week, we have previews of both hockey teams at Concordia.


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