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Beckham invade$ America

by Archives January 24, 2007


So I do realize that David Beckham may be perceived as a sellout to most people, due to his 5-year, $250-million (U.S.) contract with the MLS’s L.A. Galaxy. Yes he is married to a former Spice Girl, yes his hair is a trend and yes he and his wife have become bestest pals with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. But I say who cares! He can teach TomKat’s baby to play soccer and Tom can teach the Beckham children how to take lots of vitamins and engage in cult-like activities. Good on them, if that is what it takes to give North America great soccer.

As I am over here in Belgium, I watch football (soccer), and you know what I see in the stands…no-frickin-body! The stands are often bare and what pays the players’ salaries are the sponsors. Well, what if these players could bring kids into the stadiums to see their favourite players score the winning goal? I know it is clich

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