Hello, goodbye: the search for ‘the one’

One of my friends and her fianc

One of my friends and her fianc

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Post election blues

Call it the post-election blues. Now that the calendar has turned over to November, and with even the election to our south wrapping up, I'm forced to wonder why I'm still faced with so many federal election signs plastered throughout Montreal's streets. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the election was two weeks ago, right? Or has Prime Minister Stephen Harper called another election due to an unworkable parliament? Colour me blue when I'm met by not one, not two, but six Conservative party signs for candidate Rafael Tzoubari outside Snowdon metro.

On the benefits of heroin

With a fall election looking more likely every day, the Conservatives are getting tough on drugs, and canceling the few programs that are actually working to deal with them. After spending the past few years attempting to convince the Canadian public that they are actually centre-right moderates, the Harper government is pulling out the raw meat to throw to the most rabid members of the Reform/Canadian Alliance base.

By the Book

The Olympic Winter Games are well underway across the pond in Turin, Italy. They're a showcase for amateur athletes to demonstrate the lifetime of effort they put into their sports on the world's biggest stage. They're also being touted as a showcase for the NHL.