HAC cleans up Le Gym

At a time when political campaigns are going strong at Concordia and in Montreal, there is another campaign going on in the basement of the EV building that has nothing to do with politics.

Mohamed Cisse, Abdulaziz Nasher, Alyssa Nitsche, Dobromir Taner and Sandrine Venet are five Concordia students who are running the Hygiene Awareness Campaign at Le Gym at the downtown campus at the University.

The project, for a Management Leadership and Motivation class has put posters around the complex asking members to avoid wearing outside shoes in the workout areas, and to clean machines after they use them, among other things.

“This is one of the best projects that has ever landed on my desk,” said director of Campus Recreation Vladimir Pavlicik whose office overlooks his pride and joy. “The best part about it is that it didn’t stay on my desk. Their implementation has been outstanding,” he said.

Every day there are one or two members of HAC working out and when they get a chance, are telling members about the campaign.

However, since this is a class project and the semester is coming to an end, it will take people catching on to keep it going into the summer. And it has.

“The Concordia health and safety commission got interested and liked the idea, and Vlad has been very supportive and suggested that this program gets implemented at Loyola as well,” Cisse says.

“The response to the program is very encouraging,” Pavlicik said. “We’ve spent a lot of money in preventative maintenance, and we had staff cleaning the machines before. But people come here to train and to feel good and how the place looks is very important,” he said.

This Friday, around noon the HAC team will be at Le Gym handing out pins supporting the campaign and talking to members to see if they have noticed a change.

If you have trouble finding the HAC team, just look out for yellow t-shirts.


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