The modern way of selling your soul to the devil

Once upon a time, a little girl named Rapunzel was waiting for her saviour to rescue her from her tower. After a while, as her hair grew long and wretched, she realized she needed to get out of that tower and get a haircut pronto. ‘Screw this!’ Rapunzel thought. ‘I’ll find out what that lazy jerk is doing!’

Tired of ugly, ill-maintained hair, Rapunzel caved and made a deal with the Devil to find out where her prince was. Had she known what lay in store for her she may not have made that deal that day. But now, Rapunzel is Facebook!

If you’re thinking of making a pact with Satan, look no further than your computer screen.

Simply register yourself a Facebook account in exchange for continuous, reliable information concerning the whereabouts of those you stalk.

Ok, so not everyone is a stalker. However, one doesn’t need to be to become completely enthralled in the cult-like world of Facebook. A once normal university student can be transformed into an ugly monster at the click of a button.

Is he back with his ex-girlfriend? Did he write on her wall? As the fury within you builds, you most likely don’t even realize you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Before you know it, you’re reading other people’s walls and trying to find out what’s going on with the object of your affection.

Based on my experiences with my boyfriend and those of the people around me, I have come to think of Facebook as a scary and uncomfortable place.

Will I leave Facebook? Of course not. At this point, I’m stuck, just like the rest of the regular Facebook users out there who feel the need to change their status according to their daily schedule so everyone in the Concordia Canada network can see they’re sleeping right now!

I have asked the “why did you write on her wall” question and in return have heard the “you actually accepted him” comment. It struck me last night that this is crazy! My boyfriend and I have a great, healthy relationship and we trust each other. So why does Facebook have the power to get on my last nerve?

The oddity doesn’t end there.

I received an email a few weeks ago. It was rather disturbing. In it, I was notified that some unknown person had actually copied my pictures from my Facebook album and pretended to be me in a bizarre email chain that begun and ended only God knows where.

The spine-chilling truth is someone pretended to be me and used my pictures to intervene in another couple’s relationship and I knew nothing about it nor could I really do anything to stop it.

Frankly, I was a little more than disturbed to see someone attempt to tarnish my good name. All I could do was make my profile private and invisible to those not on my friends list.

Facebook drama struck yet again when my older sister called me in a panic. She couldn’t access her Facebook account and it seemed as though she had disappeared from my friends list. It was a colossal problem for her and somehow seemed like the most horrible thing on earth.

Until Facebook’s administrators restored her account (with all her wall posts in tact, of course) she looked like a child who’d just seen her puppy put to sleep.

I have also recently learned that employers are using Facebook as a means of screening prospective employees or interns.

Is it fair for future corporate lawyer John Smith to be denied an internship because he was tagged in a picture of a drunken orgy with an empty vodka bottle in his right hand and a breast in the other?

So, what’s my point, right? My point is that Facebook makes us crazy and quite possibly ruins lives. It seems as though it is continually working against those who use it and causes more harm than good!

Fights that would never have otherwise erupted are continuing because Facebook has let us into a world we never knew we wanted to be a part of.

It’s our number one procrastinating tool, it’s where we can spy on others without getting caught and it’s where we can check up on others and see what they’re really like outside of class.

To those of us who are already infected, I’m afraid I have no advice to offer. But for the innocent few, who are clueless about the world of Facebook, ask no questions. Do something productive with your time. Join a cult or perhaps a street gang. But whatever you do, beware of Facebook!


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