‘The Juice’ is at it again

Guess what? Once again, O.J. Simpson has found himself in the public eye for alleged illegal activities. In a supposed attempt to reclaim his sports memorabilia, the juice allegedly broke into a casino armed with deadly weapons and tried to steal back his sporting goods. During which time, he managed to commit crimes earning him 11 charges. Congratulations O.J., even more than last time! The charges range from kidnapping, to armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon – I guess he’s trying to expand his portfolio.
Oh O.J., when will you learn? I have to wonder what his four children are thinking right now. After pleading no contest to a domestic violence charge in 1989. In what was named the trial of the century, in 1995 he was acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, only to be found liable in a wrongful death civil lawsuit in 1997. And to top it off, he tried to write a book about it just this year; well, daddy’s at it again kids. What a role model!
Despite being arrested and being booked on 11 charges, he still managed that now famously arrogant grin for his mug shot. He posted bail last week and is now comfortably back in his Miami home.
If O.J. is found guilty of all charges he could face serious jail time, including life in prison. I bet he’s really missing Johnny Cochran and that infamous black leather glove right around now.
Committing any crime is probably not an intelligent move, but honestly, if you’ve been acquitted of a criminal charge like murder, you might want to try and stay out of the public eye.
Charges like kidnapping and assault are hardly reflective of keeping a low profile. And let’s be honest here, the circumstances surrounding O.J.’s 1994 acquittal were a little sketchy to say the least.
O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of double murder because of Mark Furhman and the prosecution’s inability to deal with the massive can of worms the defense had just opened up.
Again, the leather glove “not fitting” didn’t help things either.
Keeping these facts in mind, it’s no secret that many feel O.J. is guilty of the 1994 murders of his ex-wife and her friend.
You’d think that alone would be enough to make a man straighten up and fly right.
Hell, if I were O.J. Simpson, I’d be living it up somewhere in Mexico where no one knows my white Bronco and me.


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