Apologies for the misuse of the Koran

Our newspaper was inadvertently the subject of controversy last week when we published a verse from the Koran on our cover to highlight the story “Unmasking Identity: Film dispels misconceptions.”
We wish to make clear that no insult to Muslims, or to the tenets of their religion, or to anything Muslim people hold as sacred was ever intended. We offer sincere apologies if last week’s cover offended anyone who holds the Koran, and the name ‘Allah’, as holy.
It was simply a misunderstanding of values.
The story featured two Iraqi artists who sought to use their art to dispel myths about the Arab community. From the beginning, our intention was to design a cover that would highlight the importance of the issue of Arab identity in the world today.
Before going to print, we asked the opinion of two Muslim believers who said the cover, while striking, wasn’t offensive to them. Obviously, this opinion was not shared by every member of Concordia’s Muslim population, as someone (or some people) reacted so strongly to the reproduction of certain Arabic characters that they removed hundreds of copies of the paper from newsstands throughout the week.
The Muslim Student’s Association has said it did not condone the action and also that they felt it was inappropriate. We, together with the MSA, wish to convey to those who felt offended that a better, and more effective, course of action would have been to write a letter of complaint to The Concordian or to come speak to the editorial board about any misunderstanding.
This paper wishes to serve as a vehicle for lively debate and discussion at this university. Dissent is always welcome. We encourage everyone to write us letters and participate in the exercise of democracy known as the freedom of the press.


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