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by Archives April 8, 2008

Sports complex gets green light

The Cote-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grace council adopted the resolution allowing Concordia’s plans for the new sports complex on Loyola campus.
The resolution authorizes the demolition of certain existing buildings and an expansion of the current athletics complex on the southeast part of the campus.
“You can’t tear down a building without approval here,” said Warren Allmand, the borough’s councilor for the Loyola district. Allmand said the construction had already been approved in principle at a previous meeting.
With the council’s approval, Concordia has a “clear go ahead to begin construction” on the approved proposals.
It also allows the school to construct a removable dome over the playing field and to upgrade the spectator stands that currently accommodates 3000 people to larger ones with space for 5000.
Concordia had to wait for official authorization on account of the buildings slated for demolition.

British yobbos blame Canada

In an attempt to curb their binge drinking culture, British officials are preparing to copy the Canadian system of setting minimum prices on alcohol.
The British government first has to prove, to itself, that there are definitive links between cheap alcohol and excessive drinking.. It is expected that the Office of Fair Trading will clear the move once the government establishes the connection.
The Canadian system was established at the end of Prohibition, allowing each province to set a minimum price for alcohol sold in stores. Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the only provinces that opted not to have a minimum price.
British ministers cited a 2006 survey from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse that found binge drinking in Manitoba to be above the national average.

Hillary gets Barack-blocked

The fierce battle for the democratic nomination between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continues.
Bill Clinton was scheduled to give a speech celebrating his wife’s credentials at Indiana University on Wednesday. As he was preparing to speak, though, Obama’s campaign office in Bloomington, Indiana started giving away tickets to a show by the Dave Matthews Band.
The giveaway was the first chance for students to grab tickets to Sunday’s concert. Long lines began to form shortly after the campaign office made the announcement. Reports in the Indianapolis Star claim that many of the students waiting for tickets were lured from the Clinton event.
In other news, people still listen to the Dave Matthews Band.

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