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Post election blues

By Archives November 4, 2008

Call it the post-election blues.
Now that the calendar has turned over to November, and with even the election to our south wrapping up, I’m forced to wonder why I’m still faced with so many federal election signs plastered throughout Montreal’s streets. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the election was two weeks ago, right? Or has Prime Minister Stephen Harper called another election due to an unworkable parliament?
Colour me blue when I’m met by not one, not two, but six Conservative party signs for candidate Rafael Tzoubari outside Snowdon metro. I get it, the Conservatives won the election, but Tzoubari himself lost by over 10,000 votes. Someone should probably take those signs away. Or, not. Maybe Tzoubari doesn’t see the signs as being late for the 2008 Election, but he’s got prime sign real-estate for next year’s election! Good call. It pays to run for the Prime minister’s party.
I’m also orange or red with anger when my 15-minute walk to school in NDG involves swimming through a sea of Liberal and NDP signage.
Maybe the Bloc will get my vote next election. After all, in my very informal poll comprising of a sample of one, there has not been one Bloc sign spotted this far after the election. By all appearances, the Bloc is the only party that really cares about Quebecers’ environment. In fairness, they do only run in one province . . .
Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this because I hate elections or dislike politicians; I am very understanding of the election process and the need for signs, and, granted, I get the same way when people leave their Christmas lights on display past mid-January and have the gall to call them Valentine’s Day lights. But if these politicians feel they are responsible enough to be members of parliament, the least they could do is be responsible enough to take their signs down promptly after an election.