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Council Chair Resigns

by Archives January 13, 2009

CSU council chair Jessica Nudo has resigned.
A staff member of Canada’s largest student lobby group has taken on her duties until a replacement is found.
While Nudo officially resigned on Monday, her resignation was only announced nine minutes before the beginning of Wednesday’s council meeting.
Nudo was replaced by Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) deputy national chairperson Brent Farrington; who was invited to chair the meeting by CSU president Keyana Kashfi. While the chair position is normally restricted to Concordia students, Farrington said he had been named an “honorary member” in 2005.
Farrington is a former CSU president and was one of the founders of the centrist Evolution slate, who were the forerunners of the Unity party, which currently holds the majority of council and executive seats.
While there was a motion put forward to name Farrington as permanent chair, he ruled it out of order as CSU regulations require the position to be advertised for two weeks before a new chair is appointed.
In an interview after the meeting, Farrington said he was not interested in the position and that he recognized the potential for conflicts of interest were he to take the position and remain a CFS staff member.
In her letter of resignation Nudo blamed the “continuous war over power” and the “ongoing battle between the CSU and certain individuals, who have formed their life goals around an attempt to impeach anyone who stands in their way,” as the reasons behind her decision.
She also said her marks had dropped since she had taken on the position. She went on to criticize the media, saying she had read, “lies and rumours printed in the university newspapers.”
Nudo has not yet been reached for comment.
More details to follow.

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