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by Archives March 3, 2009

Dear Editor,

In regards to the very important opinion piece by Cameron Fenton on the invasion of privacy (Feb. l7) one can only hope that the three opposition parties will not allow any further discussion of this violation of the most fundamental right of a free and democratic society. That a government that labels itself as conservative would even conceive of such a violation of our most fundamental liberty, the right of privacy, states that this government is beyond any semblance of moderation and is extremist and fanatical.
The greatest error in our Constitution is not the notwithstanding clause it is the omission of the right to privacy. All the other fundamental rights rest on this foundation and it is the one right that easily separates us from fascist regimes.

David Rovins

Dear Editor,

With the Caisse still shrugging it’s shoulders at losing $40-billion of our pension money, I doubt any Quebec separatist would now be willing to give up their federal pension cheque on a “matter of principle.”
Until separatist leaders set an example by publicly refusing their own Canada pension cheques, the Caisse’s $40-billion loss will be a direct gain to Canadian Federalism.
As ideologies and ignorance simply do not put food on the table, and by the looks of it neither will the Caisse.

R. Ghandhi

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