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Prior to the Fire

by admin October 27, 2009

Priestess – Prior to the Fire
(Indica; 2009)


Priestess’ second album, Prior to the Fire, hits hard but tires fast.
The first couple of tracks are a lot of the same, loud with little substance. It’s not until the middle that Priestess delivers meatier, riskier riffs and melodies. Once there, the hard rock band delivers some good noise worthy of a thrash.
Formed in 2003 by lead vocalist and guitarist Mikey Heppner, formerly of The Dropouts; Priestess includes Dan Watchorn on guitar and vocals, Mike Dyball on Bass, and Vince Nudo on drums and vocals. These boys play well together and the band has a great overall sound.
The album’s only weakness is in the vocals. They’re well sung, but the lyrics are somewhat impersonal leaving you wanting more emotion.
While Prior to the Fire may be a wild night, moving on isn’t hard.

Trial Track: “Sideways Attack”

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