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Chez Nous 2

By admin November 24, 2009

Chez Nous 2
(Mile End Records; 2009)

Chez Nous 2 is a compilation of Montreal dance music. Vivie-Ann, a somewhat superstar DJ, takes the mixing reigns and provides a few tracks of her own.
If you were to compare the compilation to the people that make up the big city’s night life the first seven tracks would be the poseurs, bros, and under-agers that descend on the downtown core. It’s the same mildly enjoyable beat repeated with typical lyrics wrung through the standard effects.
The album picks up with Steve Aries & Lavoie’s contribution “Dressed in White.” It’s easily one of the most danceable tracks on the album as it features heavy beats that could double as the soundtrack for the many seedy contact clubs.
Chez Nous 2 continues on the same pace until Couch Potatoes’ “Kiss Kiss.” Then it’s back to the same old beat that’s about as deep as a Ste. Catherine’s pothole.

Trial Track: “Dressed in White”