Hibernation Songs

Pacific Ocean Fire
Hibernation Songs
(Azra Records; 2009)

A few months before releasing their fifth album, Hibernation Songs, Pacific Ocean Fire called it quits. So this has become the final impression of the Leicester, England, folk rock quintet.
The album begins with a fairly tame and dreary selection of opening tracks. “Blizzard Love” is the only remotely interesting feature of the first four tracks as a delicate glockenspiel and female vocals, provided by Jess Greengrass, add depth to lacklustre approach.
“Tinsel and Lights” shifts the pace to a more upbeat and slightly more appealing section of Hibernation Songs.
“Coal Black Hearts” features back and fourth vocals shared between Jon Bennett and Greengrass. It’s a typical play on the male/female dynamic that sometimes passes for passion. Here they’ve succeeded in bringing a cheesy smirk and the odd chuckle.
Hibernation may be a suitable ending for Pacific Ocean Fire.

Trial Track: “Coal Black Hearts”


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