(Merge; 2010)


With their seventh album, the indie rock group from Austin, Texas takes a tiny step closer to potential stardom. But Spoon still has a long way to go.
On the whole, the album sounds similar to past releases. In a few songs, though, the band begins to take a step forward. In “Before Destruction,” the album’s lead-in track, a psychedelic bridge is added to an otherwise indie rock feel. And while some tracks have a complete lack of originality (“Is Love Forever?” sounds like a Weezer rip-off) the band really takes off with “Written in Reverse” and “I Saw the Light,” which are featured back-to-back about half-way through the album.
For the most part, the album, with powerful guitars and soothing melodies, looks to serve little purpose other than being good background music. That being said, if you are into indie music, this album is definitely worth a listen.

Trial Track: “Got Nuffin”


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