Re: Praise for the CEO

There seems to be one thing that all those involved in this year’s CSU elections, including candidates and student press, can agree on: the chief electoral officer, Oliver Cohen, has not been doing a satisfactory job.

The reality is in fact the opposite. It is incredibly saddening that nobody is able to recognize his professionalism, diligence and dedication. Candidates on either side are outraged at Oliver’s lack of action in favour of their party, each alleging the other has broken electoral rules. However, none have been clearly substantiated to merit action by the CEO. Oliver’s main function is to oversee the smooth functioning of the election, not to be bogged down by shit-throwing and dirty political tactics that inevitably come with CSU elections, nor to deal with every petty and insignificant complaint raised by unreasonable student politicians.

The CSU judicial board will ultimately be consulted if any of the allegations are worthy of sanctions.

Oliver has also been targeted by the student media for not being accessible enough. Considering that he was unfairly blasted in a Concordian editorial for being supposedly MIA after giving them an interview, Oliver is totally justified in being wary of the media because of their constant predilection with sensationalizing the un-sensational.

Oliver is apolitical, fair, and completely independent. In short, he is everything that one would hope for in a CEO. His job is incredibly difficult. This year’s elections have been the most contentious and contested in recent memory. Inundated with countless contestations, often ones that are silly and useless, the CEO has to also deal with student media that is obsessed with lampooning him. Bashed from all sides, Oliver has done remarkably well in his capacities as CEO considering the circumstances.

It is sad that Oliver will be stepping down from his position as he is graduating this semester. Concordia will lose a CEO with integrity. I hope that the next CEO that is appointed can live up to the lofty precedent he has set.

Joel Suss


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