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by Marilla Steuter-Martin March 13, 2012

Lights, Cameras, Action?
The issue of broadcasting and recording the Board of Governors’ meetings was brought up once again during its March 12 conference call. A motion was made to ban all recording and technological equipment including smartphones and cell phones from meetings. CSU President Lex Gill motioned to table the discussion until a later meeting when the results of Senate’s steering committee are released. The steering committee is in the process of examining a similar policy for Senate meetings. Graduate student governor Erik Chevrier agreed, stating he hoped the board would be able to look into the issue in more detail later. Other concerns were brought up about the BoG’s ability to enforce these rules.

What’s one more committee?
A motion was introduced for the creation of an ad hoc committee to review strategic performance indicators. The university tracks a number of indicators which are used, among other things, to annually benchmark various aspects of the university’s performance overall. The committee will recommend which performance indicators are most important for the BoG to analyze and will be chaired by external member Norman Hébert, Jr. It was also decided that the university president would sit on the committee along with several other appointed governors, including undergraduate representative Laura Beach.

Promoting the Concordia brand
Discussion turned to the Concordia brand name as it relates to student clubs and associations. Governors raised concerns about the use of the university name and what type of safeguards could be put in place to ensure that all associations bearing the name reflect the university appropriately. There is a policy which exists where the Concordia name cannot be used by a group that is purely commercial, political or illegal, but it was suggested that senior administrators plan a more streamlined approach in the future. The Board of Governors does reserve the right to ask questions and choose which groups are allowed to use the brand.

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