Letters of support

Concordians need Andrew Roberts as CSU’s VP sustainability next year!
An avid biker, recycler, outdoorsman and urban-farming enthusiast, this guy lives and breathes
sustainability. He also has an incredible dedication to helping the student population be better than it is. He’s in this election because he sincerely cares about what happens on campus and in the lives of his peers. Anyone who has worked with him through the Geography Undergraduate Student Society (previously named ASFA’s greenest member association) or on ASFA events/council knows how much energy he puts towards making our university life exciting and engaging. He’s well-organized, experienced, enthusiastic and sensitive to the needs and interests of students. I know he’s the man for the job; I encourage all to vote for Andrew and to look forward to an even cleaner and greener Concordia Student Union next year.
Nicola Smith

Vote Stefan Faina for CSU VP Loyola!
Having worked with Stefan this past year on many ASFA events, I can safely say he is the man for the job. He’s got the honesty, sensitivity and passion it takes to handle Loyola’s CSU affairs. His strength as a candidate lies in his caring nature and dedication to helping students. He will surely go the extra mile to ensure that the Loyola voice is heard and that the “other” campus does not feel neglected. His experience as an executive member of the Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association helped prepare him for the job’s organizational and logistical aspects, and the fact that he spends most of his time at Loyola means he truly knows the ins and out of the campus and it’s student population. I can think of no better candidate. If unsure who to vote for, I encourage all to engage in conversation with Stefan (you’ll find him at Loyola); you’ll quickly find out he’s eager and ready to be your VP Loyola.
Nicola Smith

I am writing this as I am on my way out. Out of the University that is, but absent is the body and not the mind.
As the University student body is thrust into the ground-breaking arena of social unrest, we are forced to subscribe to ideals of forethought and empathy. Students are standing up for a future that very well may never apply to them directly as they too are on their way out. A show of support by the CSU, the governing body of the student population at an English University, is making a bold statement to the importance of issues that are bigger than just themselves as individuals. It is in this spirit that I look toward the upcoming CSU elections.
‘A Better Concordia’ is a team of highly qualified and motivated individuals, whose members each have an eye to the future of Concordia student life in bringing about exactly that, a better Concordia. Together they are organized with a cohesive plan to help bring Concordia back on track after years of financial mismanagement and unaccountability. They are a diverse bunch of people who bring a lot of different experience and perspectives to the table.
I have the privilege of calling some of these people my friends and aim to impress upon this readership to recognize their vision as an improvement from the status quo. So this election season, get informed and participate in what will be a truly interesting campaign.
Luke vanRuyven

I’m writing this letter as a concerned Concordia undergraduate endorsing my good friend Iain Meyer-Macaulay’s candidacy for VP sustainability in the upcoming CSU elections. One of the first things I noticed about Iain after meeting him in Grey Nun’s in our first year was his outspokenness and passion for many issues. As a committed outdoorsman and canoe-tripper, his attachment to nature has informed his political views and his lifestyle. If he isn’t around campus at a CSU meeting or helping run Concordia’s fine arts magazine, Interfold, you can probably find Iain tending to his window garden in his apartment. Having spent many winters tapping maple trees in his grandparents’ sugar bush, Iain’s love for growing things becomes apparent soon after you meet him. As a newcomer to one of his famous parties on Hope Street, he’ll greet you warmly and introduce you to the crowd before dragging you through the apartment on a tour of his garden, his artwork, and his various DIY projects cluttering the house.
Recently, Iain’s passion for the environment has been matched by a passion for student government. Over the past few years, he’s become deeply involved in student politics, representing fine arts students as a CSU councillor and events committee member, where he was instrumental in creating and launching Interfold magazine. He has hosted many a fundraiser at his now-legendary apartment, including the infamous jungle juice jam, the Interfold launch party, and Liberal Arts College’s Oktoberfest. If you haven’t met him at one of his parties, you’d probably recognize him as the sometimes overly-generous bartender at CSU’s Cultural Nights at the Hive. Iain’s a great friend, an enthusiastic leader, and a dedicated representative of student interests, which is why I will be voting for him as my VP of sustainability at Concordia. If you’re lucky enough to have met Iain, I’m sure you’ll do the same. But if not, don’t take my word for it. Just look for the huge guy in flannel and denim and introduce yourself, in all likelihood you’ll have a great conversation and a new best friend.
Joseph Cornfield
Liberal Arts College

My name is Rosalie Di Lollo, VP internal and academic for the applied human sciences (AHSC) student association. My position has brought me to collaborate with Jonathan Braziller throughout most of the 2011-2012 academic year, as he occupied one of the two co-president
positions in our association. Jonathan is a hard worker who likes to invest himself in causes that are meaningful. His high motivation and energy level make him an excellent partner with whom to organize events. His personality and his training in the AHSC department have helped shape Jonathan’s interpersonal and communication skills into a very open and approachable person whose smile is bound to lighten your spirits. Working with Jonathan is a pleasant experience because he is a tolerant person. He takes the time needed to listen to people and consider their different opinions. He is also able to see the bigger picture that helps structure the details of any given project in which he is involved, and he shows the necessary initiative required to bring said projects to life. I believe that Jonathan would make an outstanding VP Loyola for the Concordia Student Union (CSU) because his democratic style enables him to find common ground with all parties involved, and arrive at satisfying decisions. His passion and dedication to make the Loyola Campus a better and a livelier place to be will serve Concordia students in a positive way.
Rosalie Di Lollo
Applied Human Sciences

As an active member of the Concordia Community, I feel very invested in the Concordia Student Union and their day to day operations. Over the past year, I’ve been working closely with Cameron Monagle and Lina Saigol, who are running for VP positions in the CSU elections. It brings me comfort knowing that these two individuals have the chance to continue representing students, as we’ve seen them successfully doing over the past three years. As a fellow student governor, Cameron has worked tirelessly to bring transparency to the Board. I’m hopeful that he will be able to continue fulfilling this important role through his extensive institutional knowledge and active commitment to students at every level of university governance.
Lina has shown her dedication to student life though her constant organization and participation of events on campus. I regularly find her volunteering at cultural nights, orientation events, and planning parties for Concordia students. As a current member of the CSU events committee, Lina has shown that she’s a team player and ready to have fun, while keeping in mind our Concordian values of sustainability and accessibility. I sincerely believe in these people, and I look forward to casting my vote for what Concordia Could Be.
AJ West

I have know Stephanie Beauregard for two years now. Throughout this time, I have seen her find the delicate balance between being a full-time student and working a demanding full-time job.  I believe that her academic experience combined with her hands on job experience in management and accounting make her more than qualified for the job.  Her attention to detail, honesty, passion and drive are what make her right for the job.  Steph is someone who makes sure to reach all the goals that she sets for herself and I know what she will be able to attain all the goals that she sets out to accomplish within the CSU.
Bethany Minor
BA Sociology

I’ve known Alexis Suzuki for a few years now.  She recently told me about A Better Concordia, and I truly believe that with a team of people like her, who are hard-working, committed and believe in the work they are doing, we could see our lives as Concordia students change for the better. I am confident we can place our hopes for the CSU in this team’s hands, and hopefully others are too.
Raphael Titsworth-Morin

The reason why A Better Concordia gets my support is the fact that they want to have a more democratic way of dealing with issues (especially with the online voting methods, it will, I believe, get students more involved in university life). They want to be able to give students access to informations that is pertinent to the student life. Being a JMSB student, financial transparency is a very big issue with me and by giving students access to quarterly financial reports, we would be able to see how students money is being spent. I also find it necessary for students to know how they can get financial aid. Also the expansion of the nature of co-op to benefit students in all the diverse programs that are offered in Concordia is essential to boost self confidence about future job prospects. The accountability of the university is especially important because the students pay for their mistakes (the rehiring of Judith Woodsworth is costing Concordia another $2Million!). I, personally, have worked with Nadine and Lucia (2 of the VP’s running) and believe that they have all the experience required to make a difference. They have proven themselves in HACU and I’ve personally witnessed the time and effort they put in their work. This along with the above reasons gives A Better Concordia my support!
Philip Mundiyamkal
Bachelors of Commerce, Major: Finance, Minor: Management

I write this letter in hope of optimizing the CSU’s improvement, which, in my opinion, should be present from year to year. I believe that the cohesion of a CSU team is one of the most imperative requirements for the efficiency of their management once in office.I’ve had the opportunity to witness both running teams and their interactions and in my opinion, there is no doubt the team “A Better Concordia” has a clear advantage in that aspect. However, you have plenty of occasions to watch them interact, so form your own opinion about it! I believe empty campaign promises are not made out of bad will, but they fall through out of lack of passion and care. Luckily, I know the care and passion is present for members of “A Better Concordia” because they live what they preach, and they’ve been advocating their campaign ideologies before there were any elections in sight. I know who I will be voting for, do you?
Samer Fawaz
M.Eng. Student

I would like to take this time to state my approval and endorsement for the affiliation “A Better
Concordia.” I am confident that they would be the best executive team because of the wide
range of experience that the many people running for the respective open positions can bring
to our union. This wide range of experience is required for the successful and efficient running
of our union and the millions of dollars taken from our fee levies they take in. I have had the
personal pleasure and honour of working with Schubert in ASFA on the Judicial Committee
and on the Joint Internal/Admin-Policy Review Committee and Lucia within the International
Ethnic Association of Concordia, on its Council with her representing LASO and me the
Hellenic Student Association of Concordia to build a better organization for Concordia’s ethnic
minorities. I have also had the pleasure of conversing with my Council Representative Simon-
Pierre Lauzon on the important issue of the tuition increase issue. He is both approachable as
a person and one who is well versed in this important issue. And last but not least, I know that
Nadine has done very well as the VP external for HACU as its grown by leaps and bounds and
that Alexis Suzuki has done a commendable job as the VP communications for ASFA as the
website has improved quite a bit which was needed. I may not know the other people running as
well but I told that they are as competent in their previous endeavours on campus. All and all,
these individuals have the skills to not just win this important election but also to competently
govern our student union. May the force be with you guys!!
Nicholas Pidiktakis

Museb Abu-Thuraia  is one of the kindest, most devoted and determined people that I have ever met. I have known Museb for over 5 years now and can say with great confidence that he is a very hard-working person. He is always engaging and involved in several activities, everything from sports to joining the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at Concordia University to eventually becoming its president. Having been involved in the MSA  myself there, it is through my experiences there that I can confirm that he clearly has a social commitment to his fellow colleagues. He was always the first one to offer his help whenever we encountered a problem in the association and possesses excellent communication skills. Museb more than fulfills the characteristics that an ideal CSU executive should possess. He is  a person who is deeply reliable, who has a deep sense of self and of his own character. He is a person I trust completely. I believe that he will be a tremendous asset to our CSU and I recommend him to you in full confidence.
Hassan Abdullahi
Former CSU Exec

My name is Ohoud Alsaieq, student in the faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, and I
hereby endorse Museb N. Abuthuraia as a qualifying candidate for the VP Internal and Clubs position. Being the founder and director of the Muslim Youth Soccer League (MYSL), Mr. Abuthuraia has demonstrated leadership skills and has exemplified himself as a mentor. Having known him for more than four years, and being his executive assistant in MYSL, I can attest that he has proven to be a competent and a dedicated leader whose proficiency and initiative serve the youth and the community. I highly recommend Museb N. Abu-Thuraia’s candidacy for VP Internal and Clubs for he has the desired experience and required credentials.
Ohoud Alsaieq

I know Mr. Simon Pierre Lauzon from manyactivities the CSU has hosted. The most
memorable being this past semester’s library occupation spreading information about the strike
against tuition increase. Before the general assembly vote, Simon along with CSU executives
and supporting students spent a week sleeping in the library to try and raise awareness on a
grand scale. Most students use the library, so by being there at all hours they could answer
questions and clear up their stance on the issues of tuition hikes while also offering to help
students get informed. He shows passion in his activism by always being present and lending a hand where it is needed as well as informing himself on the issues from both perspectives. Sleeping on a hard floor for more than one night takes a lot of determination and dedication to the cause. Simon is not someone who would go into a protest not knowing exactly where he stands
on the issue. He is also not someone who would allow others to leave without knowing what
was going on. Overall he is outspoken while still being open minded and understanding of other
points of perspective. While he will stand by his decisions, he will always take into account that
not everyone will share his views and will accept this as a fact of life. This respect he has for
people is one outstanding quality he would being to the position of VP external. I personally think he is the best candidate for VP external of the CSU. His knowledge of what the job entails allows him to go into the position with a clear plan of what exactly he would like to accomplish in the coming year. As previously mentioned he is respectful of others views and opinions, he is always certain to get informed and he is dedicated to doing what he sees fit to reach a desired outcome.
Iman Hassanein
Major Marketing

I’m writing to say that a better concordia is the most suited team to represent the CSU next year. I have had a chance to get to know every single individual person on a better concordia and I can tell you with great confidence that all of them are fantastic individuals. They are hard working and one-hundred percent dedicated to giving everything they have to represent the values and opinions of the concordia student body. They all have a lot of experience in representing students, and all have a clear and concise plan of what they want to do next year to make sure that the students see an improved concordia. They are open-minded and willing to listen to what the students of concordia have to say. A better concordia is the best option for concordia.
Nick Santella

I met Simon couple of years ago when we were taking a Political Science class together. The class was named “Current Global Issues”. We went out a couple of times with other class mates and as it was expected, we would discuss political issues. Simon has always showed excellent arguments and very interesting opinions. He has always been involved in many different causes, and most importantly, he would encourage everybody to get involved. Great involvement with society issues, great people skills, great likability. For such and such reasons, I have absolutely no doubts that Simon would make a great vp external.
Davi Serra

I fully endorse Museb Abu Thuraia for VP Internal and Clubs. Museb possess great communication skills, has extensive experience working with individuals and groups of individuals and has served the Concordia community for some time. If you want the diversity, and interest of the concordia community to be represented, vote Museb Abu Thuraia for VP Internal and Clubs.
Annum Khokhar
Political Science/Religion

My name is Vivien Leung and I am the outreach coordinator of the 2012 Art Matters festival. This letter endorses Iain Meyer-Macaulay who is running for VP Sustainability in the upcoming CSU elections. Iain volunteered for two festival events this year in which he was helpful and particularly involved. He is also a very active and vocal participant at FASA council where he sits representing Interfold magazine. From my perspective, Iain has demonstrated a keen interest in staying in contact with goings on in the student community.
Vivien Leung

CUTV endorses Le Frigo Vert

As many Concordia fee levy groups, Le Frigo Vert is an important part of our campus community. They provide affordable and unique products that enhance the quality and diversity of food and health options for all Concordia students. In this day and age of Chartwells and Tim Hortons, it is important for Concordia to support the campus-community services that offer healthier and more sustainable products, often at a lower cost.
Concordia’s community is unique in that it is graced with many amazing fee levy groups.These groups provide important services to students and their mandates aim to fight against injustice, poverty and systemic social issues. Groups like Frigo Vert invigorate our environment by creating an alternative to fast food chains and over-priced “green” products. This in turn, contributes to the furthering of awareness, knowledge and opportunity to spread more socially conscious models in our campus and in our society. However, often times the hard work of these groups is overlooked, even while their services are offered at a fraction of the actual cost.
Considering this I encourage all Concordia students to vote YES to Frigo Vert’s referendum question in the upcoming election on March 20-21-22nd. Voting YES to Frigo Vert means having an accessible food coop on campus (free coffee for strikers!) but it also means supporting a group that works hard to make Concordia a better place for all of us.

I couldn’t help noticing Action, ahem, Concordia Could Be’s flashy posters, cash fuelled website, and substance void campaign and video. It seems whenever CSU Elections happen we are bombarded by the usual candidates who tell us to vote for them because they are “cool”, “hip” and “fun”.  I’m not interested in how cool you are but what you are actually going to do to improve our university. To that effect, I have been impressed with Schubert LaForest and his team A Better Concordia. They are focusing on the issues such as our university administration’s mismanagement of funds and the importance of more direct democracy at Concordia. On March 20th, 21st and 22nd, I am going to be voting for the team with substance, I am going to be placing my vote for A Better Concordia.
Ron Zipper

I have been following the CSU elections closely over the last few days and have noticed a few things. I am a third year student and have seen a few CSU campaigns in my time at Concordia, and this year’s strikes me as a bit strange. Though I am not directly involved in student politics, I have always tried to keep informed about what is happening on campus. I know that the day teams are allowed to begin campaigning is as of midnight on Monday, and both teams have always been there, ready to put up their posters. Though I have heard the rules have changed a bit with regards to “Poster Night”, I still find it odd that one of the teams, A Better Concordia, did not have any posters up until Thursday night. I honestly didn’t see them until I got to school on Friday. I am simply wondering why the delay, since I would assume campaigning had been prepared for weeks before the actual official starting date. How can a team of executives be trusted to manage tens of thousands of dollars of student money that the CSU has as a budget, without being able to plan in advance of deadlines? To me this shows a lack of preparation. In the student papers, A Better Concordia’s Schubert Laforest commented on the fact that they were running an “incremental” campaign, implying the campaign will build upon something, and was wondering what exactly this meant seeing as there has not exactly been a campaign to this point, so what exactly was being built upon. Maybe there are good reasons for this, and I am simply asking for a bit of clarification. Either way, as a student, this worries me a bit and brings into question the team’s ability to manage the CSU. The reason I would like these specific answers from A Better Concordia, is that I think all students should be thinking critically about the elections and carefully examining all actions of both teams. This transparency and further honesty is something that I expect from both teams, and would like to see more of throughout this CSU elections campaign in general.
David Roaldi

I am writing to lend my most heartfelt support to Melanie Hotchkiss in her epic quest to become the next CSU President. I had the honor of meeting Melanie a couple years ago on ASFA Council where she taught me much of what I know today about the world of student politics. Melanie is an incredibly thorough, professional and hardworking person with a strong, innate sense of integrity. Her working knowledge of the law was crucial to the Math & Stats’ Students’ Association when we had it accredited by the government. Although Melanie and I are friends, she has never missed out on an opportunity to put me in my place when we sat together on CSU Council, and I am grateful to her for that. Her many years of experience will serve her well as President of the CSU.

Bruno Joyal

Former CSU Councillor

I’m writing this letter in support of Schubert LaForest and A Better Concordia team. I am impressed with LaForest command of the issues in particular his point about how the university administration needs to stop recklessly spending our money. Did you know the administration paid out $2.5million in excessive packages to top administrators they fired! And because of that our university was hit with a $2 million fine by the Quebec government? I didn’t know that! And now the administration wants us to sit quiet and pay up more tuition? Schubert knows this issue is a matter of accountability and he spoke elegantly about it to my class. I believe he will make an excellent CSU President and represent the best interest of students.
Zachary Herskovitz

Consider this letter to be my official endorsement of Chuck Wilson for the position of VP Academic & Advocacy in the CSU’s general elections. I met Chuck when he became the Chair of the Fine Arts Student Alliance in 2011. Since that time, I’ve had
the opportunity to speak to him on a regular basis and it is with the utmost sincerity that I can say that he is one of the most intelligent, dedicated people that I’ve ever met. As our Chair, Chuck keeps FASA Council meetings running smoothly. He makes sure
that everybody follows Robert’s Rules, sticks to the speaker’s list (which is no easy business sometimes), and remains respectful at all times. Somehow, Chuck manages to keep us all in line each and every meeting. Chuck’s most valuable asset, as difficult as it is to pick just one, is that he actually cares about improving the student body. He is passionate about making a difference at Concordia and he goes above and beyond the call of duty to help everyone. A vote for Chuck would mean having a VP Academic & Advocacy who is approachable and will take students’ concerns to heart. He is the type of person who listens because he is genuinely interested in what you have to say. I know that I can always count on Chuck to be honest and forthcoming in any situation and I think that that is an essential quality for any VP Academic & Advocacy to have. The members of the CSU need to know that they are voting for somebody who has their best interests at heart, and Chuck is definitely that person. Chuck Wilson is my vote for VP Academic & Advocacy. I hope he’s yours, too.
Erika Couto
FASA Councilor

As a fellow student, I would like to show support for Chuck Wilson in his campaign to work with the CSU next year as VP Academic and Advocacy.   In getting to know Chuck over the course of my time at Concordia, I am convinced that he is more than capable of fulfilling the responsibilities associated with this role. To succeed in any of these positions a person requires strong character, clear and rational understanding of the work that needs to be done, and a willingness to accept the associated challenges. Pair these traits with an excellent sense of humour, and you’ve got a champion executive.
Good luck to all the souls brave enough to run in the upcoming elections!
Barb Charalambides

Concordia is once again caught in the whirlwind of excitement, mobilization, and involvement that is the student union elections. You’ll notice that the system has been changed this year, instead of a large slate composed of counsellors and executives, we’ve
not got the executives on a slate, and the counsellors running individually. This system is new and refreshing, but it will also require students to be more aware, and less apathetic about whom they vote for. Getting to know the candidates is the best way to do this,
hence why I’m writing this letter. I’ve had the pleasure to know Cameron Monagle now for two years. He is not
only been a friend to me, but also a co-worker. So not only do I know that he is a great, loyal, and genuinely pleasant guy to be friends with, but I also know that he is hard working, persistent, and fully dedicated to anything he puts his mind to. He is the type of
guy to forego regular human necessities (e.g. sleep, food, etc.), leading many to believe he might not be human. But let me assure you, potential voters, his heart of gold proves his humanity. I believe Cameron’s experiences here at Concordia make him highly qualified for this position. He worked in residence life here at Concordia, where he has organized the logistics and helped coordinate many large scale events, involving Concordia affiliates and outside organizations. He also currently sits on the CSU as an ASFA counsellor, he
has demonstrated he dedication to the CSU through his involvement in committees and events. He also sits on the BOG (Board of Governors) where he has never been one to shy away from a point that he is passionate about, no matter how contentious it might be.
Through these experiences I feel he has really gotten to know not just the students here at Concordia, but also many of the services and faculty. His work ethic is consistent and always on the right track, and this has been put to the test time and time again.
So this election period I will be supporting what Concordia Could Be, and Cameron Monagle. Please take the time, everybody, to go online, read the posters, and the student newspapers, so that you may get informed. And finally, once election time
rolls around, make sure to take the opportuntity to have your voice heard.
Jacob Dobias
Political Science


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