CSU fills vacant Board of Governors spot

The Concordia Student Union nominated VP sustainability Andrew Roberts as a student representative to the Board of Governors and announced the division of the mandate of VP academic and advocacy between two executives during the regular council meeting last Wednesday.

As President Schubert Laforest is ineligible to sit on Senate and BoG due to his unresolved student status issues, council motioned to elect Roberts as alternate governor to fill the empty spot on BoG.

Roberts said he was already preparing for his new role and that while “the task is daunting” he is ready for the responsibility.

Roberts emphasized that should Laforest’s student issues be rectified in the near future and he becomes eligible to sit on the university’s governing bodies, there isn’t a concrete plan in place.

“That’s something we’re going to have to discuss,” said Roberts. “The initial idea was for Lex Gill to be main governor.”

Following the resignation of VP academic and advocacy Lucia Gallardo, who stepped down due to her inability to register as a student coupled with personal issues, the executive decided to divide the work from that position for the time being.

Until further notice, Laforest explained to council that Roberts and VP external Simon-Pierre Lauzon will fulfill the mandate by splitting the additional responsibilities.


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