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Former Habs director joins Stingers

by Andrew Maggio August 18, 2013
Former Habs director joins Stingers

The search for Katie Sheahan’s replacement as Concordia’s athletic director has come to an end, as former Montreal Canadiens director of hockey operations, Patrick Boivin has been selected for the task of re-establishing Concordia’s major sports teams to elite status.

“This is an exciting change for me,” said Boivin. “I look forward to working with people at Concordia to enhance the university’s varsity

Boivin’s arrival coincides with the major renovations being undertaken at the school’s Ed Meagher Arena.   Photo provided by Concordia University.

sports teams and find new ways to engage all our students, faculty and staff in recreational activities to support their health and well-being.”

Boivin spent three seasons in his role with the Canadiens, handling the team’s daily operations, which included budget management, league affairs, team services and internal business co-operation.

“I’d like to thank Alan Sheppard, president of Concordia, Roger Côté and the whole selection committee that were an integral part in my decision process,” said Boivin at his introductory press conference on Wednesday, Aug. 15. “Their passion, enthusiasm and their professionalism, and mostly the way they hold Concordia dear to their hearts and the vision that they have for where they want to bring this school and ultimately this department and our teams was a big part of the reason that I came here.”

“This decision wasn’t something that I took lightly. Leaving the Canadiens and coming to Concordia, it’s a change of environments for me. I have to again mention all the people who were involved in the process. They not only convinced me, they helped me understand the challenge and the opportunity in front of us, specifically for the department, that there’s a large potential for development and that it’s important for us to bring championship teams back to the university.”

“I’m extremely excited to start working with the people in front of me,” Boivin said. “I think we have a great group of people here. I am anxious and eagerly awaiting to see what kind of vision we have for the school and see where we can take this in the near future.”

Boivin’s arrival coincides with the major renovations being undertaken at the school’s Ed Meagher Arena. The $7.5-million dollar project includes a brand new, greener refrigeration system that will allow Concordia’s teams’ to use the ice 11 months out of the year. The renovations also include bigger refurbished dressing rooms for the varsity teams.

Boivin is now tasked with reviving the Stingers’ former glory with several of the program’s teams, specifically football and the men’s hockey team.


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