And the award for “most dull” goes to…

The 86th annual Academy Awards are set to air on Sunday March 2nd.

As the highest honour achievable in the entertainment industry, it’s safe to say that almost every filmmaker strives to one day bring home an Academy Award. However, despite being the most prestigious title any film can receive, I feel as if the Oscars are slowly losing their appeal and are slipping from their place as the most coveted award for those working in film.

The 86th annual Academy Awards are set to air on Sunday March 2nd.

You may be asking yourselves: why are the televised ceremonies earning more snores than standing ovations?

For one, the LA Times estimated that the current median age for Academy Award voters  is 63. Thats right folks, groups of old geezers are responsible for determining which film is deserving of the “best movie of the year” title. This is likely the reason why so many of our favourite flicks, actors and directors are snubbed in favour of films that fit the Academy’s interests more so than the spectators’.

There are many past examples of actors or directors who may not have made or starred in their absolute best film, but sweep up the statues because they are well liked and known to the Academy. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s one of the problems.

A good portion of these voters are likely too mature to recognize new trends and innovative ideas in cinema. They, quite frankly, are simply too old to really care. This median age is partially what limits the chances of your favourite film even having a remote chance at the  prize. The longer this keeps up, the faster the Oscars risk losing all of their younger viewers in favour of some wrinkled, weary channel surfers.

I’m not saying that this year’s nominees are bad, this is actually the first in many years where we have a three way lead when it comes to which movie will be claiming the night’s top prize.

What I am trying to say is that the Academy should be doing more to reach out to the younger crowd.

An entertaining, risk-taking host is always a great place to start. Enough of this playing it safe business! Ahem, Billy Crystal circa 2012. Every single time a host ends up playing it safe, they get media-trashed the very next day. Nobody, certainly no host, ever accomplished anything memorable by simply playing it safe. Besides, I say that if you can’t take take a joke, why are you in show business in the first place? In order to survive, you need perseverance and a thick skin!

Here’s another obvious change: make all the Academy voters retire so we can get some younger, fresher faces on the panel. Changes like that will help directors like Christopher Nolan finally get the recognition they deserve as well as finally giving Leonardo DiCaprio a fighting chance at the Oscar that he deserves more than anyone else right now. Honestly, when has this guy not demonstrated flawless acting? Exactly. A younger panel would breathe a new life into the Academy Awards.

I am so tired of the same types of movies getting nominated year after year. Don’t get me wrong, some of these films are great, but a few unconventional choices supported by some  younger voters could really make the Oscars unpredictable. Think about it: don’t you find that you have the most fun watching something where you just cannot predict what happens next?


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