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The Maine – American Candy

by Cristina Sanza April 14, 2015
The Maine – American Candy

The Maine – American Candy (Big Picnic Records; 2015)

The Maine’s newest release American Candy proves that the Arizona-based pop-rock band can change their sound while still incorporating the same songwriting style from their previous work, like their 2011 album, Pioneer, and the 2013 album, Forever Halloween. The album touches on themes of being carefree and learning to embrace your individuality, such as in the song “My Hair” (“I’ll let it all down everywhere/See I don’t care if you all care/It’s on my head and it’s not your hair”). Overall, the majority of the album is upbeat and filled with sassy electric guitar riffs, alternating drumming patterns and punchy background vocals. Each song sounds different from the next, but together they work well to tell a story about having a good time despite the uncertainties and negative moments in life. American Candy is a fun record to listen to with the windows down and is sure to be a summer staple for any pop-rock junkie.

Trial Track: “Same Suit, Different Tie”
Rating: 9/10


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