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by Alexander Cole November 17, 2015

Greg Hardy abuse pictures surface

Greg Hardy of the Dallas Cowboys was put into the spotlight once again this week after graphic pictures of his ex-girlfriend were released to the public via Deadspin. During the 2014 season, Hardy missed 15 games for allegedly assaulting Nicole Holder, who was his girlfriend at the time. Once released by the Panthers, Hardy had signed with the Cowboys and missed the first four games of the 2015 season after being suspended by the league for his actions.

After Deadspin released the images of Holder, there was much debate surrounding Hardy and what the league should do with him. This week Hardy made an apology on Twitter, but followed up by putting the phrase “innocent until proven guilty.” For now, no action has been taken against Hardy.


Canada World Cup of Hockey roster

According to NHL.com, the general manager of Team Canada is looking to fill out his roster for the World Cup of Hockey that will be debuting next September. According to the website, for general manager Doug Armstrong, it is a given that many of the players who played in the Sochi olympics will be a lock for making the team. This means that fans can expect to see the likes of Sidney Crosby, P.K. Subban, Jamie Benn and Carey Price out on the ice for Canada in the brand new tournament.

While many spots are filled up, Armstrong believes that picking the remaining players will prove to be difficult as many players have had great starts to the season. By March 1, Armstrong and his management team will name the first 16 players to make the team.


The U.S. bans headers from soccer

Soccer players aged 10 and below will not be allowed to head the ball after a ruling by the United States Soccer Federation. According to the CBC, the ban extends to players between the ages of 11 and 13 where the players can only head the ball in practice. The ban is a response to a class action lawsuit that was filed last year in relation to concussions amongst soccer players.

According to The Today Show, the reaction to the move has been mixed. Some soccer players have expressed frustration and believe that not allowing headers will hinder development while some believe it is more important to teach kids the fundamentals with their feet first. In 2012, soccer player Patrick Grange died from ALS, which researchers at Boston University claimed was from CTE, a disease caused by brain damage.

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