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ASFA journal flooded with entries

by Gregory Todaro January 26, 2016

The organization’s first interdisciplinary journal is coming this semester

The Arts and Science Federation of Associations is publishing its first academic journal at the end of the Winter semester.

The interdisciplinary journal is accepting academic papers until Feb. 1 to be considered. Any papers written in an undergraduate arts and science class between six and 10 pages, double spaced, are eligible.

“The committee is going to look at the as quality over quantity,” said ASFA President Jenna Cocullo. “If we have five great papers only, then the number will be five, if we have 10 great papers then the number will be 10,” though she added ASFA would be applying for some extra funding from the Concordia Council on Student Life to make a larger journal.

So far, Cocullo said the committee has received 40 articles since last week’s initial callout. “Every day since, I received at least three emails with students interested in publishing,” she said.

Fifteen students have also applied to vett the essays: each article will get read two or three times by students in the same field as the paper’s topic. Throughout this process, the articles will remain completely anonymous so the students don’t know whose work they’re reading.

Cocullo said she had the idea for an undergraduate journal during a conversation with some of her classmates. “We were talking about graduate school and how undergraduate students should start familiarizing themselves with speaking at conferences and getting their work published,” she said. “So I thought, ‘Why not start an undergraduate interdisciplinary journal?’”

The journal was under the responsibility of ASFA VP academic and loyola Ian Campbell, although since his resignation this semester Cocullo has taken responsibility for the project.

Cocullo said the journal should be published in the last week of March.
For more information on how to submit a paper for review, visit the official ASFA Facebook page.

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