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QUICKSPINS: Nate Husser – 23+

by Simon New February 5, 2019
QUICKSPINS: Nate Husser – 23+

Montreal rap ambassador and Posterz graduate Nate Husser released the third installment of his three-song EP series. The series speaks on his relationship to the city and his come-up in an isolated scene. This installment is more introspective than the previous two, with Husser reflecting on his background and his bright future. The tape is thematically narrow and never ventures into deep lyrical waters, but Husser’s voice is infectious in its tonal diversity—moving from high pitched triplets, to auto-tuned crooning, to slow, deep flows. The focus here is on the big, catchy hooks and the slick production from Montreal EDM artist Heartfelt. This is the best sounding EP of the three and, clocking in at nine minutes, is not worth skipping.

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