QUICKSPINS: Snoh Aalegra – ugh, those feels again

The title to Snoh Aalegra’s new album is a dead giveaway on what to expect from the Iranian-Swedish singer. Ugh, those feels again is a masterclass of retro-sounding soul music in which the recurring themes of loneliness and heartaches hit the listener like a tidal wave in hurricane season. “I Want You Around,” “Toronto”, and “Nothing to Me” put Aalegra’s elegant voice at the forefront while her instrumentals are smooth, soulful, and perfect for listening with headphones on under the stars. It’s a one-of-a-kind project that should rank high among many year-end lists.


Trial Track: “I Want You Around”

Star Bar:

“You and me go back and forth, that’s nothing new

I said I’m better on my own, there’s nothing you can do

What’s  at home if I’m alone? Baby, that’s it (Baby, that means nothing to me)

You’re  the type that can’t commit to nothing (That ain’t it)”

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