The Montreal Impact needs a new superstar

The team lacks offensive power since departure of soccer legend Didier Drogba

Every Montreal Impact fan remembers when the team acquired Didier Drogba in 2015. The international soccer star, who’s now retired, played in Europe and at the highest levels of the game, and had an immediate impact on the team during his debut in the Major League Soccer (MLS).

Soccer is one of those sports where just one goal is often enough to win the game. Drogba, who played the position of striker, scored 11 goals in his first 11 games in Montreal. He concluded his time with the team with 23 goals in 41 games, playing in 2015 and 2016 for the blue, white and black.

The Impact qualified for the playoffs in both of Drogba’s seasons with the club. In 2016, it was the third time in five MLS seasons that the Impact qualified. However, the team hasn’t made the playoffs since. Last year, the Impact finished the season ranked 18th out of 26 MLS teams, winning only 12 of their 34 games and scoring just 47 goals.

Last year, the Impact added forward Bojan Krkić — known as Bojan to soccer fans — to the team, with hopes to get back what Drogba was bringing to the team: goals, offensive power, and the kind of starpower that puts the Impact on the map.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work as planned. Krkić didn’t perform as expected last season, scoring three goals in eight games. This year, he has only one goal in 10 games. Krkić clearly isn’t the Drogba replacement the Impact hoped he would be.

Montreal sports fans are passionate and want to see their teams win. It’s a sports city with a constant enthusiasm around the local teams. However, when things aren’t working, people can often be quick to ask for change.

It’s hard to acquire such talented superstars like the team did with Drogba in 2015. Yet, it really makes a difference to invest a bit more for a better player. At the end of the day, the team will be rewarded one way or another; even financially, as more fans will pay to come to live games with a superstar on the team.

Since Drogba’s departure, the future has been looking bleak for the Montreal Impact. Getting a new star on offence is a must.


Graphic by Rose-Marie Dion


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