The end of Tim & Sid

Seixeiro will be the new co-host of Breakfast Television

Television and radio host Sid Seixeiro left sports fans speechless when he announced on air on Jan. 21 that he was leaving Tim & Sid.

Alongside Tim Micallef, Seixeiro has been the co-host of Tim & Sid since 2011. The show began on The FAN 590, Sportsnet’s sister radio channel in Toronto, and was then broadcasted on Sportsnet television from 2013. On air from 5 to 7 p.m. every weekday, it’s one of the most popular sports talk shows in Canada.

Seixeiro started in sports broadcasting at age 20. He has worked in the sports industry for 20 years, most of them on Tim & Sid. His last show with Micallef will be on Feb. 26.

Despite Seixeiro leaving, the show will continue with Micallef and rotating co-hosts. Seixeiro is joining morning show Breakfast Television on Citytv as co-host. He will begin in his new duties on March 10.

“That show is very important to the fabric of the Greater Toronto Area,” Seixeiro said on Tim & Sid. “It’s a part of people’s lives. It will give me the opportunity to do some stuff I could just not do right now, stuff that interests me.”

For tens of thousands of sports fans, Tim & Sid has been their daily evening rendez-vous for years. The way this show discusses sports — sometimes in a serious way and other times with more fun and laughs — has made it entertaining since it’s beginning. Micallef and Seixeiro have always been fun to watch, as they’ve complemented each other well as co-hosts.

Seixeiro will be missed on Tim & Sid, and despite the show still going on after Feb. 26, it will be different. It will take time for long-time followers of the show to get used to the new Tim & … we shall see.


Graphic by Rose-Marie Dion


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