This past academic year at The Concordian has been one for the books. Between onboarding a mostly-new staff to changing up our content, we’ve made a lot of adjustments along the way — not to mention adapting to the whole COVID-19 thing. It turns out that publishing in a pandemic isn’t so easy.

The Concordian would like to sincerely thank you, the Concordia community, for your continued support during these past 8 months. This has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging years in our 38 year history — serving Concordia since ‘83, baby — and it wouldn’t have been possible without our readers. Despite the fact that most students haven’t set foot on campus for over a year, knowing that so many of you still took the time to engage with our content means more than words can express. You guys truly are the best.

A big thank you to our contributors for lending us your written words and choosing to share your stories through our platform. Our digital door is always open to new stories, new voices, and new ideas, so if you’re still around next fall, you know where to find us. We love you!

And finally, a big, huge, fat, enormous thank you to our whole staff of managers, editors, assistants, artists, and production professionals. You guys are the heart and soul of this operation. Here’s to (hopefully?) meeting in person someday. For those of you who are sticking around, have an amazing summer, and we’ll see you soon. <3


Feature photo by Alex Hutchins


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