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Ooh La L.A.! All-French music fest makes its way to Montreal

Synthesizer, reverb and electronic pop rocked the Ooh La L.A. festival’s first ever Montreal appearance on Oct. 16. The audience at La Société des arts technologiques was treated to the newest up-and-coming French label pop bands in a fun-filled evening. A unique aspect of Montreal’s first Ooh La L.A. was the relative lack of notoriety amongst the bands.
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The Zolas are back with fun, bouncy, progressive pop

With their new record, Ancient Mars, The Zolas are set to bring an energy-packed show to audiences across Canada. British Columbia natives Zach Gray and Tom Dobrzanski have been making music together since they joined the same choir as children. The two friends started their first band, Lotus Child, while studying at UBC. Although the band released two albums and garnered a strong following in Vancouver, they broke up in 2006.
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Fink wows fans at La Sala Rossa

Like a good glass of scotch or the ideal piece of chocolate cake, Fink’s voice is smoky, rich and capable of sending any audience to a relaxed but grooving place. Live, his deep melodies and slow rhythms have a greater impact and a very different feel from his studio albums.