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Summer, sizzle and swing

Laughter and chatter uniting strangers. Wind blowing through your hair. Couples dancing on a gazebo. This summer if you are interested in trying something new and exciting and want to meet new people, the Concordia Swing Society (CSS) has the solution. Why don't you swing by the gazebo on Mount Royal Park for the free swing dance lessons being offered through their "Swing Dance in the Park" event held every Sunday afternoon from 2 p.

Extra spending money for the holidays

With Christmas around the corner, extra money always comes in handy. For English-speaking Quebecers, searching for a job can be both difficult and discouraging though. Consequently, Montreal's Youth Employment Services has the solution: their Christmas Job Rush Program.

HIV and AIDS: Getting the message across

Dec. 1 is World AIDS day and everybody has heard of HIV and AIDS at least one time in their life, but everyone doesn't really know what this complex disease really is. It's important to understand that HIV and AIDS are not the same thing. HIV means Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

Don’t start biting your fingernails just yet

In today's fast-paced society with its constant demands to do things quickly, stress is an ever-present reality. Twenty per cent of Concordia students who seek help at Counseling and Development are in fact suffering from a stress-related problem. With exam time looming before us, everyone will be experiencing stress to some degree.

Bringing students to the ballot box

NEWS ANALYSIS Decisions, decisions,decisions, who should students choose to represent them in the Concordia Student Union. With elections a week away, students are faced with a choice of five slates. Students can choose between the Umbrella Party, the New Organised Way, the Left Opposition Party, the Representative Union, and S.

Lessons to learn from other student unions

NEWS ANALYSIS With many questioning the usefulness of a student union, perhaps it is time for our own CSU to take a look at the experiences of other student unions and draw some conclusions about what's worked and what hasn't. Concordia needs four strong faculty unions that can work with the CSU so they can represent students as a whole.

A student union according to ConU students

A number of Concordia University students were interviewed as to what their opinion was of a student union. "We need people to represent us," says Lydia El-Cherif, a 20-year-old creative writing student. "Governments represent the people. Student unions represent the students.