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help me in any idea..

by Archives October 8, 2003

Dear thelink

I hope that my subject is of somebody’s concern, because I’m having a big problem.

As for me I’m a full time student in Engineering Dep, and my wife is a full time student at Vanier College, in the nursing Dep, but the problem is my 18 Month child, I could not manage to find any daycare for her, though I have her name on a minimum of 15 daycares, including the Concordia daycare, whom they refuse even visiting them, more than that they will push a way if you try to talk to there respcient. Lately I managed to find an old lady who lives not far from my home, and she is living with her handicap man, nevertheless she accepted my baby, but still I’m paying here a 100$ a week, for sure there is no help from anybody, because the lady is putting my kid privately…do you think that this is fair, or if you can help me in any idea..


Samer Phillip Kassir

ID 4899806

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