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The In & Outs defy the laws of physics

by Jess Kenwood September 17, 2013
The In & Outs defy the laws of physics

Montreal rock band The In & Outs are preparing to perform an acrobatic set at the grand opening of Zero Gravité, a rock climbing, yoga and pilates centre, on Sept. 21.

The In & Outs perform at Zero Gravité, 4519, avenue Papineau, Sept.21 at 8 p.m.. Press photo.

The three song set will be performed both on stage and in the air. This will be made possible with two drums sets, one on stage and the other lifted in the air on a 90 degree angle, facing the audience.

The idea for the show was born when guitarist Dave Groover was approached by a friend who informed him of the rock climbing centre’s opening. The band had been wanting to find an occasion to create an original rock experience and since the name of the centre matched their recent  album title, the guitarist approached “someone over at Zero Gravité and it worked out.”

The acrobatic aspect of the show was Groover’s idea . It came to fruition while searching for a concept for the trio’s newest single “There We Go,” which depicts the band performing and rising into the air then being held up by chains attached to their legs, resembling the effect of a helium balloon.

The band is made up of three members: Groover on guitar, bassist Alexandre Pepin and drummer Francois-Michel Beauchamp.

Although Groover used to be an acrobat for Montreal’s internationally renown Cirque du Soleil, he explains that the inspiration for the unique performance  had nothing to do with his old job but instead came from his interest in astrology. His infatuation with outer space also inspired the album title Zero Gravity. Groover explains that he thought up the concept and got in touch with some of his former acrobatic contacts. Together they have been setting up the stage at Zero Gravité where the acrobatic performance will be performed in public for the first time.

When asked if the band was nervous about performing the set live, Groover responded that “we’re not really nervous, we’ve done it for the music video so we know what we’re getting into. We’re excited.”

Zero Gravity was released earlier in July and is The In & Outs’ second album since the band’s formation in 2006. The self-proclaimed heavy rock band switched up their style from the ‘screamo-esque’ sound of their first album Ascending Back and Forth. Instead, the Montreal natives opted for a lyrically more accessible rock style with a melody that is somewhere between heavy rock and punk rock.

While the inspiration for the album is Groover’s fascination with astronomy, the lyrics present a completely different meaning for the title. The album is a double-entendre; part of it -the acrobatics for instance- clearly play on the manipulation of gravity to recreate an outer-space experience, but the lyrics take on a deeper, more earthly and human meaning.

Take for example the intro to the title track: “stare at the sun ‘til your eyes can’t see/ Undo the laces that tie your mind/ Different layers of reality[…]keep your eyes open… keep your mind open and you’ll be free.” Groover explains that his lyrics attempt to inspire “global awakening, collective awakening. Human created illusion, the money system for example. We have no clue what the real meaning of life is.”

The In & Outs have been a completely independent band since the beginning and admit that this road requires a lot of hard work.With the collaborative effort to keep the band alive, The In & Outs have made their first corporate deal, signing a contract this year to bring their music to the US market by way of television and movies.

This will be a very exciting year for The In & Outs and whether you think that an acrobatic set is gimmicky or not, there’s no denying that it will be something worth seeing.

The In & Outs perform at Zero Gravité, 4519, avenue Papineau, Sept.21 at 8 p.m.

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