Dose Coast’s electrifying performance at Turbo Haüs

Dose Coast and The Court Jester performing at Turbo Haus on April 6, 2024. Photo by Branden Desormeau (@bdesormeau.jpg)

An up-and-coming rap artist from Concordia University performed at Turbo Haüs last Saturday, April 6.

In the pulsating heart of Montreal’s underground music scene, nestled within the dimly lit confines of an intimate venue, an electrifying performance unfolded, showcasing the unparalleled talent of up-and-coming rap artist and Concordia student, Dose Coast. 

The name Dose Coast reflects the artist’s nomadic upbringing, symbolizing his connection to the coastal regions of Canada and the friendships he formed across the country. It embodies a sense of bringing “chill coastal vibes” wherever he goes, regardless of his geographical location. 

When Dose Coast stepped onto the stage at Turbo Haüs, the room exploded with energy. His confident vibe drew everyone in, and his infectious energy electrified the atmosphere. The audience was on their feet, grooving along to each and every song that the artist delivered. From the front row to the back, the crowd was fully engaged, feeding off the artist’s enthusiasm and sending it right back to him. 

From the moment he started rapping, it was clear that the artist had something unique to offer. His flow was smooth, his rhymes were tight, and his delivery was on point. 

Describing his style as lyrically-driven alternative rap, Dose Coast acknowledged his influences from boom bap and pop music, citing artists such as Mac Miller and J. Cole as inspirations of songwriting versatility. Coast draws from a diverse range of artists such as Joey Bada$$, Chris Webby, Hopsin, and Kid Cudi to shape his unique sound. 

He further links his process of songwriting and producing music to solving a puzzle, where lyrics are constantly being written and fitted into songs like pieces into a puzzle. Recently delving into his music production, he finds deeper connections to his creative energy, which is often sparked by sounds or words that inspire him. 

The Canadian rapper performed many of his well-awaited songs such as “Fade Away” and “Go Pro,” as well as several unreleased tracks. One of the unreleased songs he performed, “Keep Your Feet Moving,” will be released next month—a track that everyone should keep an eye out for. 

Musically, Coast’s performance at Turbo Haüs was top-notch. Whether he was spitting rapid-fire rhymes or delivering a soulful hook, his flow was impeccable, demonstrating a mastery of his craft that defied his up-and-coming status. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the performance was the artist’s authenticity. 

In an industry often criticized for its lack of substance,  Coast stood out as a voice of truth, unafraid to tackle real-world issues in his lyrics. In songs such as “Fade Away,” the artist did not shy away from tough topics such as personal struggles. It was raw, it was real, and it resonated with everyone in the room. 

Coast performed alongside three other artists, namely The Court Jester, Sir Louie, and MiQ The Burb Boy. Each of these artists brought their own sound to the show, making it a vibrant mosaic of sonic innovation and raw authenticity. It was refreshing to see the camaraderie between these artists and witness how they seamlessly blended their unique styles together, creating an electrifying atmosphere that resonated with the audience long after the final note faded away. 

As the night drew to a close, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause—a testament to the impact of the performance. It was clear that we had witnessed something special, a glimpse into the future of rap music. 

Ultimately, in a genre dominated by larger-than-life personalities and extravagant productions, Coast stood out as a result of his authenticity and talent. With his unique blend of raw lyricism, infectious energy, and unwavering sincerity, he proved himself to be a true force to be reckoned with in the world of hip-hop. 

Looking ahead, Coast is excited about his project “Elevated,” aimed at providing opportunities for upcoming artists through live events and collaborations. He plans to release six singles in 2024, as well as host several shows mainly focusing on, but not limited to, hip hop and R&B. 

If Saturday night’s concert was any indication, the world better get ready, because Dose Coast is just getting started. 

Connect with Dose Coast on Instagram: @dosecoastmusic.

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