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Injury Reserve – Floss

by Wesley McLean January 17, 2017
Injury Reserve – Floss

Injury Reserve – Floss (Las Fuegas, 2016)

Injury Reserve’s Floss was one of the most pleasant surprises of 2016. With consistent variation in every aspect of the music, no two songs sound alike. Floss opens with “Oh Shit!!!” which, after a few seconds of calm, eerie piano keys, breaks into this raucous, in-your-face hook that immediately pulls the listener in. “All This Money” has the group placed over an instrumental reminiscent of mid-2000s Neptunes production and pits its aggressive hook against smooth, laid-back verses. “Keep On Slippin” is the album’s most vulnerable moment, as Nathaniel Ritchie and Vic Mensa open up about their deteriorating mental states and the issues they have with their significant others. Floss plays with both traditional and experimental hip-hop sounds, creating a style completely unique to the album. This is another solid release from a young group that has the potential to be one of modern hip-hop’s best.


Trial Track: “All This Money”


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