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Syd – Fin

by Wesley McLean February 14, 2017
Syd – Fin

Syd – Fin (Columbia, 2017)

A few years back, Odd Future’s sole female artist, Syd, and her new band, The Internet, released their third and most successful album, Ego Death, to universal acclaim. The next step for most bands would be to follow up with a project that tries to capitalize on that success. For The Internet, it meant time to produce solo projects. This is Syd’s debut as a solo act, but you can’t tell by listening to it. Fin’s varied production styles range from familiar, smooth, The Internet-like tracks such as “Smile More,” and 2000s R&B-style productions like “Know” and “Body.” Syd also features modern-day trap instrumentals such as “No Complaints” and “All About Me”. Though many of these songs are a change in style for the singer, she still makes them her own. This album is smooth, sexy, confident and a solid debut for Syd. Whatever her next move is—be it solo or with the band—there’s a lot to look forward to.

Trial Track: “Body”




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