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The Lemon Twigs – Brothers of Destruction

by Charles Fretier-Gauvin October 3, 2017 0 comment

The Lemon Twigs – Brothers of Destruction (2017, 4AD)

Long Island bred fraternal duo Brian and Michael D’Addario have music in their blood and are not afraid of flaunting it. Coming off a tremendous debut record, the Jonathan Rado-produced Do Hollywood, their most recent effort, a short, six track EP, acts as a cohesive follow-up. Though the EP does little to elaborate on the sound established by the teenagers on their Rado-produced joint, it shows the band toying with subtler songwriting. Ditching the exuberant melodic switches of their debut LP gives the album a sound very much of its own. This increased tenderness doesn’t take away from the group’s kinetic energy, however, as their sound, which blends 70s power-pop melodies with Sgt. Pepper’s-esque excess, sounds just as fresh and loaded with youthful enthusiasm. Slightly rough around the edges, Brothers of Destruction acts as a stellar document of a young group on the verge of finding their footing.


Trial Track: “Why Didn’t You Say That?”

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