Nentayahu and Arab Lands


I just want it brought to attention that in the past half century Jews were kicked out of virtually every Muslim and/or Arab country, in most cases having all their property seized and in many cases losing many lives. The narrow, ahistorical and heavily biased perspective of Concordia’s so-called righteous objectors stems from the same radical totalitarian Islamist views that simply do not reflect the true spirit or doctrine of Islam.
Once upon a time Jews and Muslims lived side-by-side in relative peace and mutual benefit. But you simply cannot look at the plight of the Palestinians as the only victims, when – even disregarding the Holocaust, where only 50 years ago all European Jewry were left out to extinction – Jews too were supremely victimized by their Arab hosts, where they had been living for thousands of years in some cases. World Jewry was largely piled into Israel whether they liked it or not, and before people go on with their radical protests and blind hyperbole, I urge them to understand what has happened.


Jonathan Wexler
Communications Graduate

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