I just want to attend class & leave it at that

Hi there,
Any time I read this paper I find it focuses on the negative aspects of Concordia (except sports). I understnad that controversies might make for a more alluring story, but how many students actually give a crap about the religious/political protests and the results of it or the results of a student election? I would think a relatively small percentage. Yeah, yeah, freedom of speech etc… but school is not a place for conflicts, don’t you think? I’m not bashing the paper or anything, but when I go to school I go to get my education and to learn- not to concern myself with whoever the next guy/gal is running for elections for the student council and what they claim they’ll do better or which religious group had a protest this week or which is planning one for the following week. It gets boring, totally redundant and plain annoying. I just want to go to school and leave it at that. I don’t want to be forced to miss school b/c the Hall building is closed b/c a few ppl decided to spoil a perfectly good learning day that I’m paying for. These things make Concordia look bad and promote our bad reputation (eg: versus McGill) and spreading the word about conflicts in our school (I wouldn’t be surprised if many students protest because they enjoy attention and are argumentative by nature)encourages other ppl to believe Concordia is a “bad” school filled with constant strife. Keep political issues out of school and just let students be students. We go there to learn, not to be bombarded with political/religious issues and complaining/whining of student council ppl or whoever. Let’s focus on the education and leisure aspect such as what the biology department discovered today or the art exhibits we have or how the commerce or exercise science games went or even our alumni…
Anywho, that’s my opinion, I finally got sick of it enough to write about it to whoever would read it.
Thanks, Brenda 🙂


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