Animal Abuse in Mile-End

To whom it may concern,

The following is to inform you of a recent animal abuse (murder) in the Mile-End area.

Following two house robberies,a VERBAL statement from one neighbour to another stating that “If I ever catch this dog I will kill her” ,numerous hate letters/threats against my dog, one witnessed(by another neighbour) attempted break-in in my house,eggs throwned at my front porch window, my cable wire cut off by a wrench following the above handwritten threats(posted at my front door). Saturday, May 17th 2003 at approximately 2pm, after returning to my house because my husband forgotten something—10 minutes later, KERRI my 9 year old German-Shepherd X Labrador was found in my next-door neighbours back yard, with a garbage bag around her head, minutes away from death.(one of the neighbours who apparently happens to be a Cat Veterinarian told me she died from being asphyxiated)

No one apparently witnessed anything, except the one of the neighbours who apparently “heard” her dropping from my second floor residence, on his back yard lawn, who is also known as an Animal hater in the area.

After supplying Police Station 36 with all the information above, I was simply told that considering no-one witnessed the actual murder not much could be done, the information I had given would be forwarded to an investigator, that they could not do anything further for me at the time.

I would like to point out, that my back patio door, which was left open “less” than a foot WITH the back of a chair facing it, was intact, which seems very strange, haven taken all of the above into consideration how on earth could the dog have left on her own? Did my “dog move the chair” and “opened the door” to let herself out???(did she also close it???!!!)…!!! After saying all this to the Police Officer,they simply glanced at the patio door(the..window patio door..) and then said they could not lift up prints from this door, nor from the brand new garbage bag found around Kerri’s head.

I will be impatiently waiting for someone to contact me for a story, this should not be left disregarded…Not Kerri.

Katerina Vrahnos
(514) 276-0783
(514) 996-9027


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