“The Destruction and Rebirth of the United States” New book release

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Notwithstanding her superpower status and immense wealth, the United States is no longer a stable country. Powerful elements are working to destabilize her, and that instability is increasing and will soon destroy her. Following in the footsteps of other great nations that have risen to great heights and then fallen, our nation is now a nation in decline. The same natural-law rules of cause and effect that applied to all others still apply today. Because America has forgotten and abandoned the basic principles that made her strong and preeminent, because the bulk of her population have lost the ability to think for themselves and have become the most foolish of all people, she is rapidly approaching a “no-return” point of near-total collapse. Dissension, social decay, and moral weaknesses are undercutting her ability to survive; they will soon cause her to disintegrate, and that process will slaughter millions of Americans. We are not immune to the same forces that destroyed nearly every other civilization.
The dangers from hostile nations and international terrorism are but surface indications of a deeper, underlying threat to the United States. Our reaction to these dangers will not lead to any lasting, satisfactory results, but will only increase internal unrest, accelerate economic instability, and deepen political discord. The real danger is from within and, by their own admission, is carefully scheduled and orchestrated. We are treating the symptoms, but not the cause.
Our adversaries, both foreign and domestic, will not disappear, but in fact will multiply; when one is defeated another always arises to take his place. Worldwide, there is an emerging tide of hatred against anything “Western,” and especially of anything “American,” and that tide cannot easily be turned. We seem to be universally despised.
Our economy is becoming ever more fragile and the financial markets more volatile as we slide toward a looming economic failure that will be irreversible. By late-2006 the value of stocks and almost every other American financial instrument will have diminished until they are nearly worthless. This time, the “long-term investor” will not recover his losses; those losses will be permanent. Retirement funds, savings, and every form of perceived financial security will evaporate away.
Our continual involvement in conflicts in foreign lands only bankrupts our economy and drains our military. It is calculated and intended by our most vicious enemies. That weakness will encourage others to take advantage of our misfortune as they attempt to dismantle our nation and fundamentally alter our system of government. It will result in war on a massive scale, and that war will occur on our soil. The war against us will eventually end with our adversaries defeated, and those Americans who survive will rebuild, but they will be rebuilding a much reduced America. It will be an America only a fraction of her current size, power, and population.
The evidence of these near events is outlined in “The Destruction and Rebirth of the United States” by Grover Shaw. Citing numerous sources, Shaw shows step by step how the United States has arrived at her present, dismal state-of-affairs, and then depicts her return to a great and secure nation. Her destruction is her cleansing, and that cleansing will allow her recovery. This nation will endure and the Constitution restored, but now with a purified citizenry pursuing a more upward direction. Within little more than a generation, America will be well on the way to becoming, once more, strong and universally respected, never again to be so threatened.
ISBN: 1-4033-9307-9 (e-book) Access at: 1stbooks.com
ISBN: 1-4033-9308-7 (Paperback)


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