Riots and damages to the taxpayer funded institution.

Concordia Students from Palestine and Israel and their sympathizers.
You come to this country to educate yourselves, why? So you can go home and kill each other better, or maybe more efficiently or is it not perhaps to drag this country and America into your crazy fight? You destroy your own country with your insanity and lunatic governments now you want to destroy this country too.
Well go home you disgusting garbage, go home and kill each other so we can lay odds on how many of who go who, and that’s a fact.
You are all a bunch of fanatics and troublemakers and all you do is run around making trouble for everyone else and drag them into your stupid troubles.
Do you get my message? You are not wanted here smashing up our property, get out, go home, leave, you disgust us, leave and never come back and take you crazy fanatics with you. Go and kill each other and leave the rest of us in peace.
Is there anything you do not understand about this letter, if so read it again and again until even people as stupid as you can understand it.
J. Peters.


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