Who’s Side are you on Anyway?

Last Thursday night, Hillel brought in a speaker, Neil Lazarus. The topic was “Is peace possible? An open Dialogues.” The week before SPHR brought in Eric Ben-Artzi, an Israeli refusenik, 500 people showed up. Where are these people when a speaker comes to talk about peace? Where are these people when a speaker does not share their opinions? I call these people Cowards, I call these people Ignorant, I call them closed-minded. Why don’t they come speak their mind out to a speaker who might actually challenge their opinion “Oh-oh” scary hey? I also love sitting in a room filled with people sharing my opinion! It is very comfortable, but it is educating? No and far from it. It is more like being uncomfortable with your own opinions and not having confidence in what you believe in. I did go see Eric ben-artzi speak and you know what, surprise! Surprise, I do not share his opinion but was willing to hear him challenge my ideology? I do have my own opinions and not in need of reinforcement, but I guess when you are not confident with what you believe in, reinforcement is a necessity. Supporting one side is easy to do specially when it holds the image of a “victim” in a conflict, but it also breads ignorance when students systematically attend lectures solely touching one side of that conflict. “The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance — it is the illusion of knowledge.” Daniel Boorstin

Dan aviad


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