Dar Williams plays Montreal on December 5th

Montreal will be one of four lucky cities to host Dar Williams on a short solo tour to begin December 5 at Le Cabaret Music Hall. She will play songs from her new album My Better Self.

“I’m taking a temperature reading of the political climate around us. But within that climate there are more personal reflections about what is meaningful to me,” Williams said, describing the mood in which she created the album.

Williams just finished up a nine-week tour of the U.S with her touring band. She talked about the differences of performing solo and with other musicians. “Performing solo is more like a one woman show, you can really feel an almost one on one connection with the audience. You can deviate and elaborate. It’s much like the creation of the album [My Better Self]. It’s actually the ability to be spontaneous in touring that influenced much about how the album was created,” says Williams.

The sound on the album strikes an authentic chord. The lyrics are of a positive nature and are harmoniously interpreted. The best elements of folk music surface in this album, yet the sound is very modern and personal. Perhaps recording most of the songs with her touring band contributed to the energy it releases. Either way you’ll want to listen to it in your earphones because there are many musical nuances that will make for pleasant listening.

Williams said she enjoys Montreal. “In recording of The Green World [in 2000], I came up to Montreal for 10 days to get some clarity. I ended up writing a song, “O Canada Girls”, which didn’t appear on the album. But it will probably come out some time!” she said. Remember to request it during the show on December 5 at Le Cabaret. For more info check out Williams’ website at www.darwilliams.com.

Dar Williams plays Le Cabaret Music Hall on December 5th. Show starts at 9 p.m. and tickets are $20.

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