I Hate Sally

Metal is a term that can be thrown around loosely. After seeing how hard Kingston natives I Hate Sally performed in Ajax, Ontario, the term has found yet another meaning.

I Hate Sally seems as though they are close. They are close to perfecting an already impeccable stage show and close to releasing a new album. After chatting with lead singer Dee Prescott about the new CD, touring and a few other choice things, the idea of world domination for this band almost seems feasible.

The band has had a number of hurdles to cross in the last few years. The line-up currently stands with Marc Garniss on guitar, Dan Vokey on bass, and Dee Prescott on vocals. The newest edition to the seemingly ever-changing line up is drummer Mark McGee. Now that they have a posse of humorous, talented musicians that are serious about getting the show on the road, they are moving on up to release a new album and go on tour.

Prescott described the new album as, “a lot dirtier and grimier than the other one. We [in the band] thought, let’s have everything make a little more sense and put a little more thought behind this one.”

I Hate Sally had Kurt Ballou from hardcore metal band Converge do the mixing on the album, “Which is probably where a lot of the grit on the record came from,” said Prescott.

The album Don’t worry Lady seems to be of benchmark for the band, and the addition of McGee to the lineup is a great fit, according to Prescott. “McGee really hits harder, his style fits in really great. It’s just really fun, everyone is having a great time.”

“We are hoping to put out an EP in January or February now that the line-up is solid. Now that the new drummer has started, everything has clicked.”

This album will be the first released with their new label, Underground Operations, whom the band has only been with for a month. “They are totally good guys. They are good about saying, ‘There’s a tour coming up, let’s get [I Hate Sally] on’.”

Things are looking good for this metal/punk/thrash band. They are signed to a label that is hooking them up and treating them well. There is also new material on the way, giving fans lots of good stuff to look forward to at upcoming shows.

“We have a lot of fun. We like to get in with the crowd. It’s very crowd oriented,” said Prescott of their performance. It certainly is an understatement. When the band takes the stage, they own it. The boys thrash hard and are so into what they are doing, it’s easy to lose yourself in the experience.

Prescott is a handful by herself. She shows no fear of getting on stage and in the audience’s face, letting out screams so gnarly she is almost growling. The performance is so in your face, so full of energy that the audience looks out of breath when I Hate Sally leaves the stage.

For now, we have the CD release to look forward to, a wicked tour with new music and unforgettable stage presence from the entire band.

Don’t Worry Lady is out Oct. 24.


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